November 7, 2014

Five Australian reds to get your hands on ….



Here are five great Australian reds ….

Majella Musician 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz ($18)  

A Coonawarra gem. Lashings of blackcurrant and plum fruit that are complemented with some soft vanilla and earthy dried herbs.  Soft and silky, the musician has a well integrated cadence so enjoy its cheerful freshness now. A very quaffable red at a price that delivers well – music to my ears.

Shaw Estate Vineyard Shiraz 2012 ($25)

Vibrantly coloured with lively purple hues, this shiraz also pulls you close with its fragrant spicy berry nose. Rich black plum and blueberry fruit is embellished with pepper and nutmeg. The sweet fruit has a dried herb note on the finish and the palate is crisp and fuller bodied. Venison sausages anyone?

Bowen Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 ($26)

A fuller bodied style of Cabernet that remains elegantly structured with ripe blackcurrant fruit, bolstered by chocolate, cinnamon and mint. There is plenty to love with enough spicy bold fruit and supple, fine tannins to be a mouth full and wrap around a warm finish. Drink with food preferably but it does make for a good wine to share with friends after dinner too.

Hungerford Hill Gundagai Shiraz 2013 $28

A juicy shiraz with an abundance of chocolatey personality in the blackberry, pepper and spice rich aroma. Silky smooth tannins slink across the palate and leave a finish of chocolate coated blueberries and pepper in its wake. The warm alcohol gives this bold red a sweet lift. A good one to share with friends or take to dinner.

Kalleske Moppa Shiraz 2012 ($28) 

The Moppa tends to be a pretty one and this vintage delivers perfumed violets, ripe raspberries overlaying cherry fruit and pepper on the nose. Silky textured, elegantly bodied and long, it slinks through the mouth leaving those floral notes in its wake.  A wine styled with purity at heart, and I don’t mean just the biodynamic philosophy.


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