March 31, 2020

Tips for lockdown!

The horror of Coronavirus is striking at our hearts, at our countries’ hearts.

There is no doubt at all that the virus will leave an indelible mark. It goes without saying that the shadow of this mark will be on our mental health in various degrees. Being isolated, not being able to go out, and not being able to share meals is going to be difficult for every person without the added stress of illness, uncertainty of employment/business health.

Opening Communication: Time to use that video group chat app….

Although, obviously nothing beats face to face contact, why not have a regular group catch up a video chat? If you are able to get your neighbourhood convivial, your balcony, front gate or even just an open window can give you an opportunity to have contact.

Of course, there is wine. And if you really want to ‘theme’ your catch ups, there are ways to make that ‘chat session’ into a wine tasting if you are drinking the same bottle of wine. It will just take some extra planning. 

So…. How do I get wine?

I was not surprised on the weekend when I had to shop at my local supermarket that the wine shelves were quite bare. This was two days after the pubs and restaurants were asked to close in the UK. I was surprised by the fact that the rose was about all that was left, by that is a different story.

UK (now on Lockdown)
(information correct as at 30th March 2020)

I have heard the cries on my street’s WhatsApp group. Never fear, you can still get wine if the supermarket shelves remain empty, there is plenty available. You might have to get it delivered though, and it might take longer to get.

Here’s some suggestions….

  • The major wine and drinks specialist chains such as Oddbins and Majestic are still open for delivery orders.  Use this as an opportunity to try smaller outlets such Noel Young Wines . They have plenty of stock, they can only offer delivery at this time though.
  • Many clubs have had to suspend new memberships to focus on getting wine out to existing customers. If you are already a member, and your club is still open, you will be able to order still. When the clubs start to accept new memberships and if you are still in lockdown, why not use this as an opportunity to join a wine club such as Naked Wines, Laithwaites (which you don’t have to be member with a wine plan to purchase from by the way!).  Please note that The Wine Society is again making deliveries!!
  • Go direct! This is always a good way to purchase your wines if you have a favourite producer. Why not try Bolney Estate or Chapel Down which has a wide range that is consistently good. 
  • is still delivering!! and there is some interesting wines awaiting your attention. Click here to read more about buying wine from Amazon.


This is a great time to buy directly from producers. 

Not only are some of them needing your support to recover from the recent fires, the virus counter measures will already be hitting these producers hard. Particularly at a time when many of them are in the midst of making this year’s vintage. The virus may cause significant interruption in not only their cellar door purchases from visitors, but also their international distribution. 

However, many of the wineries are still selling wine directly for delivery. Click here to learn more about Australian cellar door clubs.

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