March 13, 2019

Introducing the Nosy Wine Club!

COVID19 UPDATE:  There ARE issues around delivery and customer service with Nosy Wine Club in the UK at this time.  Please check with them to confirm they are able to process your order BEFORE signing up….

Update June 2020: Nosy Wine Club has informed me that they are currently fulfilling some of the backlog of orders and processing refunds. There is no certainty as yet as to whether new shipments will be able to be fulfilled. I will await further updates.

Please check with them to confirm they are able to process your order BEFORE signing up…. and if you get no response, please do not sign up!

Advertorial: A new way to get wine delivered to your door!

Nosy Wine Club has been popular in Portugal for the past 12 months,  and late 2018 it was been made available for the rest of Europe. It is a Wine club where you can get a subscription box with 3 bottles of wine chosen by a different world-class expert, each month!  I have been sent a few box of wines to review just so I can see the quality of the wines that club members are receiving each month.

The quality of the wines have been consistently good, but more importantly, I have found them to be interesting.  I have received wines from Portugal, including a Madiera just in time for Christmas, and some excellent Italian and Spanish wines. These are wines that are not going necessarily on your local wine shop shelves and you will certainly find new favourites among them.

From time to time, I will post reviews of these wines either a full review or as a ‘quickie review’ Nosy video like this one.

In the meantime, please watch the video below to see what you get in your subscription box.

Feeling Nosy? If you are in Europe or if you want to send a box as a gift to someone in Europe, here is a  15% discount using the promo code:  LISANOSY15 for Winemusing readers.

Subscribe at 

Here are some quickie reviews on the wines sent in the recent packs, just to give you a look at the quality of wines that you may receive in your monthly subscription. And read here the full reviews on Blandys Alvada, Viano Vineyards Cabernet, Majolini Franciacorta and Ferraris Sant Eufemia …. just to whet your whistle.


Please note: I have a sponsorship deal with Nosy where they send me wine for my professional review from time to time and offer my readers a promotional deal. 


Looking for a something specific, please use search:

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    My worst experience, I bought a susbcription, out of 3 bottles, one came full if cediments, I hvae tried everything to get in touch but they just dont care. I have send them mails, call them with no answer, try the chat with no answer, can you believed ? This company in not serius they are scum gangs going for your money !

  2. Lisa Johnston

    Hi there.

    This seems unusual as I have found their quality to be very good as is their customer service. Mind you, some wines are bottled with sediment to allow the wine to develop greater complexity and texture. I will get someone to get in contact with you. Thanks for letting me know.


    UPdate 5/11: I have talked to the NosyWineClub team today and they have confirmed that have already sent you a fresh new pack of three wines. I hope that you get them very soon and that you enjoy them. Cheers.

  3. Keith Plummer

    I would advise against subscribing to Nosy wine. They have taken 5 monthly payments and so far delivered two boxes. I am unable to log in to my account to unsubscribe, they do not answer communications. Check out their reviews on their Facebook page.

  4. Lisa Johnston

    Hi Keith

    Thank you for letting me know. May I follow this up for you? (Obviously, not that I should have to!)


  5. Keith Plummer

    Hi Lisa, thank you for your offer to follow this up, I would be delighted if you could get a response for me.

  6. Lisa Johnston

    Hi Keith

    I must admit that I already send in a request when I got your comment so I am waiting to see what happens.


  7. Keith Plummer

    Hi Lisa, thanks for your intervention, I have a received a credit for the last 3 months subscription.

  8. Lisa Johnston

    Well, that is good news at least!

  9. Lisa Johnston

    Hi James

    Thanks for getting in touch. I will try to contact them again from my end and ask them to get in touch with you.



  10. Eleanor

    I bought three bottle gift from Nosy for a friend and it hasn’t arrived.

    I’ve tried contacting Nosy several times to work out where the gift is / arrange a refund but they don’t even bother responding.

    One to avoid!

  11. Lisa Johnston

    Hi Eleanor

    I am awaiting clarification from Marta from Nosy about future shipments. I know that she is at the moment dealing with the back log of orders & refunds. Nosy needs to communicate what they are doing now and what their future plans are as a matter of urgency I feel. If you would like to email me using the contact form, I can try to chase this up further for you.

    Thanks for getting in touch.


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