May 28, 2013

Conversations about …..the cone of tranquility


It has been one of THOSE sodding weeks. You know …a week where Jimmy and Lexy in a full tearing-hair style of negotiation got a little over heated over Tuesday’s lunch order, all the while Ava dissolved into tears about her missing electronic toy and Henry beat his head against the table for no good reason.

Just a snippet of your week, and this was in the break out room in the office. Although ….  it is Friday evening and it looks like your overtired kids are about to replay the scenes in your kitchen!!

You know … one of THOSE sodding weeks! A week that ends with me slipping on my sexy stripy slippers and pouring myself a glass of whatever is on hand, gasping for a little peace. In the words of Macy Gray, ‘it’s just a, a moment to myself.’

While finding your own personal brand of the ‘elusive cone of tranquility’ is imperative to your sanity, for some of us it is a nice cup of tea.  Plenty of us  occasionally need to take a glass of wine into the cone with us.  Sometimes, that glass is ‘Big Bertha’ sized and I refuse to feel guilty about it. I don’t have an oversized glass with a name (yet) and in my mind anything much larger than a 175 ml of wine is large, but you can set your own benchmarks for this one. (I know that  you will all remember the guidelines for sensible drinking!)

And this is a scene that is replayed millions of times over around the globe as the sun does its setting thing. It is almost like the sun is giving a collective sigh over a ‘sundowner’.  Ahhhhhhh! Blisssss!

Are you there yet? Who is with me? It does not matter what day of the week it is.  What is in your glass?  And… does your glass have a name?

Conversations about … is more like a chat amongst friends. Purely personal and indulgent. Here I can talk about my sexy stripy slippers teamed with black polo neck skivvies, glass in hand & just put it out there. Shall we continue the dialogue ……



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  1. Lizzy Allan

    ‘does your glass have a name?’ – I love it!

  2. admin

    Mind is nameless at the moment, what about yours? Perhaps ‘the peacekeeper’ is a good one?

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